B I P O L A R 

"Ante Up 2016"

         "She Got Game"                         "All The Way Up"

Welcome to Atson's official website. 

From impressive music to entertaining videos all the way to stylish apparel, Atson surely  brings a full deck to the table in discussions about up and coming artist. In the works of his second mixtape "Second Impression" Atson has a huge path ahead of him full of performances, video/photo shoots, charity events and way more! Stay tuned and keep coming right on back here for the latest news with CantStopAtson! But for the mean time, check out the website and enjoy some really good music!


"Getting To It"





Front Cover

FREE DOWNLOADLINK http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=648730

Go listen and download Atson's Mixtape off of datpiff for free!!! Rate and share !!!!! For physical copys of the mixapes please contact Atson via social media.. @CantStopAtson

The highly anticipated follow up mixtape from Atson is finally here. Its been about 2 years since his debut mixtape "Take A Moment To Listen"(TAMTL), which was a huge stepping stone into Atson music career. In life, were told that you only get one first impression and everybody judges you based off of that particular presence. No disagreement that there isn't more then one first impression, but what about your second one? Atson decided that "TAMTL"  wasn't the best first experience for his fans. So with that being said, Second Impression is a mixtape created to really give Atson a second chance at proving he is a topic of conversation when it comes to unsigned artist. Throughout the mixtape, you go from, boom-bap chill songs, to highly energetic trap music. The diversity in Atson's music is to expand his reach and audience to fans with interest in not only one genre.  

Little under a month until Atson's follow up mixtape "Second Impression" is released, he decided to give his fans a little teaser. 2-4-1 is a new concept that Atson is going to be releasing every 2 weeks. His fans will choose 2 of the hottest beats for him to write to and hell blend them into one track and release it every other wednesday. So for part one of 2-4-1 Atson jumped on Lil Herb's "Chi-raq" and Young Thug's Danny Glover! Check it out and remember all songs are FREE TO DOWNLOAD!

"Body Bag" is a couple verses over Big L's Freestyle instrumentals. Video at  neighborhood record store really felt like the right setting for the video.

10,000 1s is a collaboration Atson decided to do with the talented OMIN. An uptempo club feeling song with some really cool shots for the video, draws you into the song. With that being said, here it is !!!

To download the song click the link below !!